Suzuki Nig.

Suzuki Celero Launch

Step into the world of Suzuki as we unveil their latest innovation with the Suzuki Clear launch at SUZUKI CFAO MOTORS - Lagos. Our team at Studio1on captured every moment of this groundbreaking event with precision and creativity, showcasing the beauty of Suzuki's new offering in every frame. From the sleek design to the innovative features, our media coverage was a true reflection of the excellence that is Suzuki. With top-notch videography and photography services, we captured the essence of the event, from the excitement of the crowd to the unveiling of the Suzuki Clear. Our media production was immaculate, and we're proud to have been a part of such a momentous occasion.

As part of our commitment to providing professional event photography and videography services, we had the pleasure of working with Suzuki Ng on their recent Celery Launch Event. Our team was tasked with capturing the excitement and energy of this highly anticipated launch, and we were thrilled to deliver a final product that exceeded our client's expectations.

From start to finish, we worked closely with the Suzuki Ng team to ensure that every moment was captured in a creative and authentic way. We utilized a range of techniques, including drone photography and videography, to capture the event from different perspectives and showcase the innovative features of the Suzuki Celery.

Throughout the event, we captured a range of moments, from the unveiling of the new vehicle to candid shots of attendees enjoying the festivities. We also took care to capture the branding and marketing elements of the event, ensuring that the Suzuki Ng message was woven seamlessly into every aspect of our coverage.

The final product was a stunning collection of images and videos that truly captured the essence of the Suzuki Celery Launch Event. Our client was thrilled with the final result, and we were honored to have been a part of such an exciting and successful project.

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