Oluwafemi Akinyele

We Promise We're Not just

Studio1on is a media brand that offers professional media coverage in photography and Videography.,These services Range from Corporate Headshots, Drone Photography, Portrait Photography, Event Photography, Lifestyle, Advertisements and more, we offer Videography services which include Brand Awareness Videos, Documentaries, Event Videography, Drone videography, Promotional, InterviewS and so much more.  Our customers vary due to the diversity of our services. 
Our Team is made up of skilled individuals and a creative drive to give out their skills to the world. We are immersed immaculate creativity and believe it's the man behind the viewfinder  that makes every shot, not the Camera.


Despite what you may have heard, we're not here to stalk you with our cameras. We're the team behind Studio1on, and we're passionate about capturing life's most meaningful moments in a creative and authentic way.

At Studio1on, we believe that every photograph and video tells a unique story. That's why we're dedicated to providing professional photography and videography services that capture the essence of every moment. Whether it's a corporate headshot, a family portrait, or a promotional video, our team of talented individuals is committed to bringing your vision to life.We pride ourselves on our creative drive and attention to detail, which allows us to create visually stunning media that stands out from the crowd. From our use of cutting-edge equipment and techniques to our personalized approach to every project, we strive to exceed your expectations at every turn.

Documentary for ENGR.Akarachi Amadi- 2023
Suzuki Celero Launch - 2022
Rainoil 25th Anniversary - 2022
Blackbonez Crusade - 2022